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Oriental Rugs:
beauty and comfort for your home

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Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs offer a depth of history and level of craftsmanship unmatched by mass-produced rugs manufactured today. Oriental rugs embody a tradition and shared history, rather than coming from a single place in the world. The term applies equally to a handcrafted Persian rug as it does to a Pakistani rug or a rug from India made in the traditional way.

Rug Selection

India Rugs

Made from handspun yarn and colored using vegetable dyes, these one-of-a-kind rugs are often named for their weaving pattern. 

Image by Robert Sciberras

Chinese Rugs

Incredibly detailed, gorgeously colored, and available in all shapes and sizes to fit any room in the home, these one-of-a-kind rugs are popular around the world.

hadspun wool.jpg

Pakistani Rugs

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, these rugs often feature intricate and distinctive designs inspired by local culture and heritage. 

unnamed (1)_edited.jpg

Afghan Rugs

 Afghani rugs offer both incredible beauty and workmanship, as well as being a traditional craft dating back hundreds of years.

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