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Enhance your living space with our exquisite hand knotted
Persian rugs

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Persian Rugs

Persian rugs can make beautiful additions to any home thanks to their vibrant colors and intricate designs. The term Persian rugs today is used for rugs woven in India, Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan. True Persian rugs are handwoven and must be made in Iran. You can use a Persian rug to add beauty and interest to any area of the home including the living room, bathroom, hallway, or kitchen. A range of different sizes is available to accommodate nearly any space. 


Tabriz Rugs

 Interested in purchasing a Persian rug for your home or office? A Tabriz rug might be an excellent choice. They tend to have a soft and smooth texture because the highest quality wool and silk. 


Bidjar Rugs

These rugs use specialized, traditional weaving techniques that have been passed down over the years to create these authentic Persian rugs.


Sarouk Rugs

Some of the finest Sarouk rugs use only the softest lamb’s wool. They also feature incredibly intricate patterns and designs, as well as a deep, rich pile.


Kerman Rugs

Knotted rugs add incredible beauty to any space, but few can match the colors and patterns of Kerman rugs. These rugs are both eye-catching and traditional.

heriz rug_edited.jpg

Heriz Rugs

Fine rugs from Heriz offer beauty and a deep connection to the past. You can add one of these incomparable rugs to any area of your home today.


Kashan Rugs

Ready to add life and color to your home? An authentic Persian-style rug woven in the Kashan style could be the ideal choice.

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