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Add the Beauty of a Heriz Rug to Your Home

Looking for a distinct statement piece for your home’s living room? Perhaps you want to add warmth and beauty to your master bedroom. Whatever the case, a Heriz rug might be just what you want.

What is a Heriz rug? The name refers to where these rugs originate – the village of Heriz, located in northern Iran. However, it’s not just about where they’re made. These classic rugs also feature dramatically different designs and color combinations compared to other fine Persian rugs.

Maral Heriz Crème Rug

This type of Persian rug features shades of beige and taupe, creating a sense of calm and tranquility, with an understated but intricate design woven into the natural fibers of the rug.

Serapi Rug

Serapi rugs feature some of the finest (tightest) weaving of any rugs from the Heriz region. These rugs are hand knotted using traditional Persian knots (irregular, as opposed to regular Turkish knots). A Serapi Heriz rug may be any number of colors, but often features vibrant blue or red rug organic dyes.

Other Types of Heriz Persian Rug

In addition to Serapi and Maral, you’ll find other types of Heriz Persian designs. These include the following:






How Are Heriz Persian Rugs Made?

All Heriz rugs are made from locally sourced wool, which is some of the finest in the world. The area’s water is very high in copper, which results in a strong wool rug. Most of these rugs are woven around a cotton core rather than silk, so you will rarely find a silk rug in this style. 

Additionally, hand woven rugs from the Heriz region use natural vegetable dyes and handspun yarn. The result is a rug that can last for centuries with a little bit of care and maintenance.

We recommend vacuuming your rug regularly. It should be deep cleaned once per year, as well. However, avoid steam cleaning and harsh chemicals. Dry cleaning is the best way to preserve the natural fibers and extend your rug’s lifespan.

Fine rugs from Heriz offer beauty and a deep connection to the past. Long sought for their durability and incredible beauty, you can add one of these incomparable rugs to any area of your home today. From area rugs to runners, there’s a style and size to fit your needs perfectly.

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