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Kashan Rugs: Is This the Right Persian Rug for You?

Fine Persian rugs have been sought after for centuries for their exquisite beauty and vibrant colors. They’ve decorated mosques, cathedrals, and palaces, but today anyone can bring that beauty into their own homes. 

Of course, many types of Persian rugs exist. Is a Kashan rug right for you? 

The Kashan Persian rug design originated in the city of Kashan, located in Iran between Tehran and the ancient Persian capital city of Isfahan. The weaving tradition remains strong here. Today, one in three residents weaves these timeless rugs.

What else should you know about buying vintage rugs in this style? Kashan-style rugs share many similarities with kilim rugs and other Persian rug types.

1. Wool – A wool rug offers durability and beauty. While rugs from the 16th century used Merino wool, today’s are made with fine Iranian wool.

2. Backing – While authentic rugs don’t have a synthetic backing the way mass-produced rugs do, the wool fibers are woven around a silk core for durability. While this does not make it a silk rug, it does add heft.

3. Knots – These rugs are hand knotted using irregular Persian knots. Traditional hand-woven rugs can last for centuries and offer a dramatically different appearance compared to machine-made area rugs.

4. Colors – Whether you’re looking for a red rug for your living room, or prefer cream, blue, or another color, there’s a Kashan rug to match. Traditional weavers use organic dyes to create these one-of-a-kind rugs. Vegetable dyes offer a subtle difference from modern synthetics and are slightly warmer and more muted.

5. Size and Shape – It’s never been easier to add a hand knotted rug to your bedroom, living room, or sitting room. Kashan-style rugs are available in many different sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

6. Care and Maintenance – Vintage rugs are delicate and must be cared for properly. We recommend putting them in low-traffic areas of the home and not wearing shoes when walking on them. 

They should also be cleaned properly. Dry cleaning is best, but regular sweeping and vacuuming will help extend their lifespans. Note, do not use harsh chemical cleaners to remove dirt or staining, as this can damage the fibers and discolor the rug.

Ready to add life and color to your home? An authentic Persian-style rug woven in the Kashan style could be the ideal choice.

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