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How to Identify Tabriz Rugs.

Interested in purchasing an antique rug for your home or office? A Tabriz rug might be an excellent choice. One of many types of fine Persian rugs, a Tabriz rug adds beauty, color, and life to any space. But what should you know before you buy a Persianl rug in the Tabriz style?

First, like all authentic Persian rugs, a genuine Tabriz rug will be made from handspun yarn and will use vegetable dyes for the coloring. These one-of-a-kind rugs are also made from wool – this is not a silk rug. They originate in Tabriz, the capital city of an eastern province (Azerbaijan) in Iran, which is one of the oldest weaving centers in the world.

Another way to distinguish a Tabriz Persian rug from other Persian rugs, particularly kilim rugs, is to look at the pile. These fine rugs are made using a small metal hook and the Turkish knot technique, rather than Persian knots. The result is a finer weave.

The range of designs used with Tabriz-type rugs also makes them stand out. You’ll discover medallion-themed designs, but also Herati/Mahi designs, figural designs, floral options, and more. 

You’ll also find that Tabriz rugs come in a wide range of colors and color combinations. Red rug designs are popular, but so are blue and cream, with different concentrations to add visual interest to any space. 

Add a cool, blue rug under the bed in the master bedroom, or a warm red in the living room. These fine Persian rugs are very versatile, but they’re also delicate. 

The use of organic dyes and natural fibers means that the rug will last for many years, but that it must be cleaned with care. We recommend dry cleaning once per year, as well as regular gentle vacuuming or sweeping to remove debris. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners, though, as they can damage hand woven rugs.

We also recommend that you limit foot traffic. While they work well for almost any area of the home, they will last longer if placed in areas with less traffic – bedrooms and less-used spaces of the house are ideal. If they will be used in high-traffic areas, we recommend that shoes not be worn to maximize the lifespan of these authentic rugs.

Ultimately, these stunning rugs can bring life and color to your home for decades to come. With the right care, they can last for generations!

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