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Are India Rugs the Same as Persian Rugs?

You have lots of options in the world of fine rugs. You can buy vintage rugs, persian antique rugs, and explore unique area rugs ideal for any home. However, there’s a degree of confusion here, too, particularly when it comes to buying an India rug. 

Is a rug from India the same as an Oriental rug? Are Persian rugs the same as Jaipur rugs? 

A great deal of this confusion stems from the different names used for similar-looking rugs. Yes, a handmade rug from India is much the same as a Jaipur rug. The primary difference is in pattern and geographic origin.

Made from handspun yarn and colored using vegetable dyes, these one-of-a-kind rugs are often named for their weaving pattern. For instance, kilim rugs originated in Anatolia and use Persian knots, but are in the same family as a hand-knotted rug from India.  

You’ll find several different types of classic, handwoven rugs out there, too, including wool rug options, silk rug choices, and more. Whether you want a rug with blue coloring, a red rug, or a rug with teal accents, knotted rugs are made from all-natural materials and use organic dyes. 

What does it take for a rug to be considered “Persian”, “Oriental”, or “Indian”? 

In the traditional sense, they should feature:

Hand knotted rug designs

Use only handspun yarn made from wool or silk

Have no backing (the knots should be visible), unlike modern pile rugs

Use a classic weaving pattern, such as kilim-style weaving

Given their warmth and style, authentic rugs can be used in any room of your home, and they’re even ideal for some offices, although you’ll want to watch the level of foot traffic. For instance, a rug hand knotted in India might be ideal for a master bedroom, while another might make a great rug for living room use. 

How long do genuine rugs from India last? While a lot depends on how they’re cared for and stored, a high-quality rug can last for generations.

Note that these rugs do require special attention. They can last for decades, but they will require regular cleaning. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, though. 

With a bit more of an explanation about the various rug types and pattern origins, it should be easier to choose the best rug for your needs. From area rugs to hallway runners and everything in between, there’s a gorgeous, hand-made rug that will work for you.

Cleaning and Care

Manual cleaning is recommended for these rugs and if your rug is heavily soiled or stained, you’ll need to have a professional cleaning for hand knotted rugs.

Kurosh Persian rugs  can guide you when it comes to caring for your new rug. We also recommend that you put them in lower-traffic areas of the home to preserve them as much as possible. 

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